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    BJJ Teacher Class

    What do the Classes consist of?

    All of our sessions consist of a warm up, conditioning training, followed by an explanation by the instructor of a specific technique. Students then pair up with other student to practice the techniques. It is an incredible workout that will challenge and strengthen the practitioner both physically and mentally.

    BJJ Student Technique

    How does the classes are divided?

    Classes are divided in 3 groups:

    Beginners – White belts no stripe to 4 stripes

    Mixed – White belts no stripe to Black belts

    Advanced – Blue belts to Black belts

    Beginners Class

    Coming into a martial arts academy can be intimidating for the beginning student. Our goal with the fundamentals class is to allow our students to learn jiu-jitsu by focusing on the controlled drilling of techniques with limited and controlled active sparring.  Lessons are focused on teaching the principles of the art, including everything from self-defence through to a range of basic techniques which provide a great

    No Experience Necessary: We structure all beginner programs so that you can start at any time without any previous experience. Regardless of your age, athletic ability, or skill level, you will be able to execute the techniques on your very first day.

    Mixed Class

    In this class you will find training partners from white belt to a black belt. The purpose of this class is to give a white belts a experience of training with a higher belt and to the more experiment students to share and revise their knowledge. The class consists in warm up, technique and sparring

    Advanced Class

    Designed for the students interested in testing their knowledge in a more practical and advanced setting or for those who are interested in competing in the sport.  Our advanced classes offer world-class instruction cover in depth technical training, body conditioning and competition level sparring.

    BJJ Grading System

    Grading System

    The Belt represents your level and progress during class.  It’s changed time to time according to your technical knowledge and practical skill within the art. The belts in order are: White, Blue, Purple, Brown and Black.

    From White to Brown, it requires you have 4 stripes before move on to the next belt. When you receive your black belt, the stripes is awarded by the numbers of years served for the sport.

    Please see below MINIMUM time require to change stripes and belts.

    Our Gradings are performed 2 times in the year (Summer and Christmas).  And the stripes can be earned anytime during class after you reach the minimum amount of classes required.

    Dojo Etiquette

    • Keep a respectful posture on the dojo.
    • Bow to your instructor and partner before and after practice.
    • Classes begin with students lining up in descending grade order.
    • Classes end with a formal bow to the instructor in lining up in descending grade order.
    • When the instructor is demonstrating the techniques, every student must pay attention.
    • If you are late ask permission of the Instructor to start the class.
    • If you need to leave the class earlier ask permission of the Instructor.
    • Keep finger and toe nails short for everyone's safety.
    • The Kimono must be washed after every training.
    • Shoes or flip-flops must be worn out side of the dojo at all times.
    • The Kimono must be worn at all times, except for Nogi classes.
    • The belt represents your progress. Keep it on.
    • All metal objects, jewellery, piercings, necklaces or other such items should be removed.
    • No shoes, food, drink on the mat.
    • Never roll when you are sick, with open cuts or feeling unwell.