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    Welcome to our webpage dedicated to tournament rules, faults, illegal moves and point system!

    Welcome to our comprehensive guide where we delve into the significance of essential positions and manoeuvres in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). Mastering these techniques is crucial for navigating the competitive landscape of IBJJF tournaments.

    By understanding the intricacies of these moves, you can avoid technical faults and ensure compliance with IBJJF rules and regulations, safeguarding fair play. Our mission is to empower athletes with the knowledge they need to compete with integrity and excel within the sport's boundaries.

    Join us on this enlightening journey as we explore the importance of each technique and equip you with the tools to enhance your skills and strategy. Prepare yourself to compete at your best, knowing the ins and outs of BJJ positions and manoeuvres. Let's dive in!

    Technical faults:

    • Stalling: When a competitor is not actively trying to improve their position or submit their opponent, they may be penalized for stalling
    • Guard Pulling: If a competitor pulls guard without attempting a takedown, they may be penalized
    • Out of Bounds: If a competitor steps out of bounds, they may be reset to the centre of the mat

    Illegal moves:

    • Jumping to closed guard: A competitor may not jump to closed guard from a standing position
    • Spinal lock without the choke: A competitor may not apply a spinal lock without a choke
    • Heel hooks: Heel hooks are not allowed in IBJJF competition
    • Scissors takedown: A competitor may not use a scissors takedown
    • Knee reaping: A competitor may not reap their opponent's knee
    • Backward finger bending: A competitor may not bend their opponent's fingers backward
    • Bicep slicer: Bicep slicers are illegal at all belt levels
    • Calf slicer: Calf slicers are illegal at all belt levels
    • Knee bar: Knee bars are illegal at all belt levels except for brown and black belts
    • Toe hold (Estima lock): Toe holds are illegal at all belt levels except for brown and black belts
    • Slams: All types of slams are illegal in all BJJ Gi and No-Gi competitions
    • Kneeling or sitting down without any grip on the opponent: This is considered a technical fault and may result in a penalty
    • Deliberately exiting the match area to prevent the opponent from completing a sweep or a takedown: This is considered a disciplinary foul and may result in disqualification
    • Directing profane language or obscene gestures at the opponent, centre table, table officials, referee, or public: This is considered a disciplinary foul and may result in disqualification
    Points System:
    • Knee-on-belly: Worth 2 points.   
    • Takedown: Worth 2 points.
    • Sweep: Worth 2 points.
    • Guard pass: Worth 3 points.
    • Back control: Worth 4 points.
    • Back mount: Worth 4 points.
    • Mount: Worth 4 points.