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    Grand Union Brighton 

    Welcome to GU Brighton – where martial arts and the beauty of the sea come together. Led by Cesar Lima, a 3rd-degree black belt under Roger Gracie.

    Nestled in the coastal village of Rottingdean, Brighton, the Grand Union Brighton is just steps away from the sparkling sea, offering one of the most breathtaking coastal views in the UK. Beyond being a training space, our academy provides an immersive experience, with the waves as a stunning backdrop.

    Immerse yourself in the fusion of physical training and the serenity of the sea at our Rottingdean academy. The dance between the sky and water on the horizon inspires dedication and tranquility.

    At Grand Union Brighton, we're more than a training center – we're a welcoming community and a family. With an inviting atmosphere, we create a sense of belonging that extends beyond the mats. Amidst the rolling waves and salty breeze, our space is where you can train, connect, grow, and share unforgettable moments.

    How to get to GU Brighton?

    **By Bus: 🚌**
    If you're traveling by bus, you have a convenient option. The following buses (12, 12A, 14, 14A, and 27) stop in Rottingdean. Simply get off at The White Horse Hotel, and you'll be just a stone's throw away from the academy.

    **By Car: 🚗**
    For those arriving by car, there are several parking options available. You can find parking spaces outside Tesco, in The White Horse car park, or in the Long Stay car park on Marine Parade (A259).

    **By Train and Bus: 🚆🚌**
    If you're arriving by train, you can hop off at Brighton Station. From there, catch any of the buses mentioned earlier to Rottingdean. Alternatively, a taxi ride will take around 15 minutes to reach the academy.

    **By Cycling or Running: 🚴‍♂️🏃‍♂️**
    For a more active approach, cyclists and runners have scenic options. Enjoy a beautiful cliffside walk from Brighton or take the path alongside A259, Marine Drive. From The White Horse on Marine Drive (A259), follow the route past Smugglers Fish&Chips and the Sea Spray coffee shop. You'll find us on your left behind number 10, which is the Studio 10 Fitness Club. Just take the alley and then the staircase on the right.

    Whichever way you choose to get to us, we can't wait to welcome you to the Grand Union Brighton experience!

    Book your free trial at the bottom of the page!

    Click on the link below to check prices and sign up for GU Brighton.



    10 High Street Rottingdean BN2 7HS - East Sussex
    Tel: 01273 933132



    Class Types

    This class is perfect for beginners and anyone who wants to improve their basic jiu jitsu techniques. During the 45-minute class, you will go through a warm-up, drills to practice basic techniques, and specific sparring to help you get a solid foundation in the sport. All belt ranks are welcome to join.

    This class is designed to give students a deeper understanding of jiu jitsu techniques. In 60 minutes, you will go through a warm-up, drills to practice general techniques, and specific sparring or sparring to help you improve your overall knowledge and coordination. All belt ranks are welcome to join.

    This class is for students who want to take their jiu jitsu skills to the next level. You will spend 60 minutes exploring more advanced techniques and receiving in-depth instructions. This class is only suitable for white belts with three stripes to black belts, not beginners.

    This class is for students who want to put their jiu jitsu skills to the test. You will have the opportunity to spar and gain more confidence for competitions. This class is only suitable for white belts with three stripes to black belts, not beginners.

    This class is specifically designed for women of all levels and ages who want to learn jiu jitsu. During the 45-minute class, you will learn various aspects of the sport, from self-defense to gi and nogi fighting. This class is not just about learning physical techniques, but also about building self-esteem and confidence. All belt ranks are welcome to join, but it is recommended for beginners.


    Brighton, please check our timetable for Brighton here.

    We do offer classes for kids in Brighton.


    Please contact us directly.

    Family discounts are available.

    Yes, it's £20.00 for adults and £15.00 for kids.

    We do, but please contact us directly.

    Brighton: 10 High Street, Brighton, BN2 7HR

    On-street parking only.

    Yes, we do.