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    Grand Union BJJ Instructors

    GRAND UNION is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy founded by Cesar Lima, Roger Gracie Black Belt.

    The team started in 2007, when Cesar led Roger Gracie's first affiliated academy in central London.

    It wasn’t long after when Max Lima, one of the first member of the academy, was promoted into active teaching role which ultimately helped the team to grow.

    With lots of talented students, including Ross Nicholls, Rogerio Lima, Steven Fage and Igor Terreco, the academy soon began to excel in reputation whilst gaining national and international recognition in the competitive arenas.

    The team continued to grow rapidly and by 2018 it had its own identity. RGA-CL was already well known in the Bjj community not only for its many talented instructors, but also its competent athletes and competitors.

    A harmoniously successful 12 year partnership between Cesar’s team and Roger Gracie’s ensued, ending in 2019 when Cesar and his main instructors decided to continue their work by promoting this unique identity of theirs that had allowed them to grow so strong over the years. The decision to part with RGA was one that Roger clearly understood, allowing us to part not only with his blessing, but also with the unbreakable respect and heritage that his family have brought to this sport.