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    Eduardo Pereira is a Second Degree Black Belt

    Eduardo brings with him almost 25 years of collective experience in world Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

     During this time, he has travelled the world working with the most prestigious jujitsu practitioners around.

     Eduardo has managed to collectively demonstrate an academic standard of excellence that has cemented a lasting relationship with Cesar Lima since 2007, when they started to form this amazing team that was originally called Roger Gracie Vie Academy.

     After many years working and training alongside Cesar, he returned to Brazil and continue his training under the prestigious Claudio Arrais, a sixth dan black belt under Rilion Gracie, Eduardo was eventually awarded his black belt in 2014.

     In 2016, Eduardo was selected to help develop the Bjj in the UAE, he spent six years as head Instructor for the UAE Air Force in addition to teaching the Armed Forces. Additionally, Eduardo was Program Director and Jiu Jitsu trainer for the Abu Dhabi Police Academy and military universities in the region.

     Eduardo enjoys exploiting fundamental Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with deep rooted principles in understanding pure body mechanics of movement and connections with a proficiency in self defence.

     A frequent contributor to seminars worldwide, Eduardo uses this to both bolster his own expertise and knowledge in BJJ, whilst also sharing with other academies in the UK and worldwide his collective learning.

     Eduardo is now back to the UK bringing his prestigious experience to finally share his vast academic knowledge with the Grand Union team.

     Eduardo is keen to share his knowledge by way of group classes and one-on-one sessions, both in Brighton and London Gymbox



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