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    Igor Terreco

    Igor Terreco is black belt under Roger Gracie/Cesar Lima

    Igor Terreco was born in Palmas, Tocantins - Brazil.

    Despite being Brazilian, Igor moved to London when he was very young and met Jiu Jitsu only in the UK. Terreco was introduced to Jiu Jitsu through a great friend, Willian Santos, Cesar Lima's brown belt, Igor had never done martial arts before, and after William's insistence, trying to get Igor out of video games, he decided to try the gentle art.

    The problem was that Igor was only 14 years old and the place where William trained did not allow anyone under 18 to train. That's when William and his friend Max Lima decided to train Igor outside of training hours.

    Igor soon began to enjoy training and he wanted more and more. William and Max then decided to tell Caesar and see what they could do about the young boy.

    As soon as Cesar saw that shy 60-kg boy ahead of him, he didn't think he could train with the adults, but Cesar asked Igor to show him what his been taught by his friends. It did not take long before Cesar noticed a great talent in him, and although the academy would not allow Igor to train, Cesar decided to keep the boy in the academy and started to invest his time in him too. Igor very happy with the decision, has never lost any of the classes since then and soon began to stand out among the bigger and older opponents.

    Igor is well known in the Bjj community and has won championships in all Bjj belts from yellow belt, as a child to nowadays, black belt.

    Igor Terreco BJJ Sweep

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