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    Rogeiro De Lima

    Rogerio De Lima is black belt first degree under Roger Gracie/Cesar Lima

    Rogerio was born in Rio Preto - Sao Paulo Brazil. As a child he trained 10 years Capoeira, the famous Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics movements and music.

    Always looking for new challenges Rogerio decided to move to London to pursue his dreams. When Rogerio arrived in the United Kingdom he continued to train capoeira and due to his experience in the sport, Rogério start receiving invitation to perform capoeira in clubs and big events in London.
    Besides his love for Capoeira, Rogerio had another goal in mind, start working in the fitness industry. So, after years of dedication Rogerio earned the certificate of personal trainer and realized one of his dreams.

    Rogerio was splitting his time between work and training Capoeira, it was when he met Max Lima also a capoeira practitioner. There began a great friendship between them, both with the same love for the sport. But Max had another passion, Jiu Jitsu. Max noticed a great potential in Rogerio and invited him to take a jiu-jitsu class. Rogerio accepted and it didn't take long for Rogerio to stand out due to his agility and flexibility acquired in Capoeira. Rogério immediately fell in love with the sport too, and soon began winning national and international championships.

    Rogerio always followed a healthy life and since early ages he looked after his body with exercises and good food, so he decided to invest some more time in the area and after 4 years of studies and dedication, Lima earned the diploma in Nutrition.

    Besides being a great fighter and a excellent teacher, Rogerio also helps people to have a healthier life.

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